[TOP] 21 Weirdest Things Ever Found On The Beach


Most beach-goers expect a couple of things to wash up on the beach. Seaweed, shells, maybe some fish. But sometimes a lovely stroll on the beach gets interrupted by–perhaps, a giant metal die?

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How did that get there? From animals to Legos to mystery items, the weirdest things wash ashore and interrupt your tropical vacation. They are certainly not what any swimmer or authority was expecting. See if you can predict what odd things have washed up on the beach in the past thirty years.
After a mother posted a photo to Facebook of her kids playing with a ‘buoy’ the police rushed to the beach.

21. Giant Metal Dice


This giant dies washed up on the shore of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in 2017. Reddit user rickrage snapped a picture and posted it to r/mildlyinteresting to show the world. Except users found it more than just mildly interesting.
The “die” was actually a plain box that washed up on Driftwood Point in 2008. The Gridley family painted big circles on the tank to make it look like death. It remained near the Gridley’s seaside shop until it drifted 36 miles away to Driftwood.

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