10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know That Dogs Are Able to Predict!


The dog, in addition to being the best friend of the Man, is known to be endowed with a sixth sense out of the ordinary.

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Thanks to his incredible intuitive instinct, he is able to anticipate many events even before they happen. You do not believe us? Wait to read this article …

1. An earthquake

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As incredible as it may seem, dogs have the power to predict earthquakes before anyone else. In this case, they run immediately to hide under a piece of furniture or, on the contrary, head straight for the most unobstructed areas they can find. But how do they do that? Some scientists believe their hearing allows them to hear earthquakes when others think that their pads allow them to feel the Earthmoving.

2. A pregnancy

If you are pregnant, rest assured that your dog will know well before you. The reason? Canines can detect the hormonal changes that occur inside our bodies.

3. A storm 

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Just like for earthquakes, dogs are able to anticipate the coming of a storm thanks to their incredible hearing (they hear thunder from far away). But also thanks to their sensitivity to electromagnetic waves.

4. Cancer

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In recent years, studies have tended to prove that dogs are able to detect cancer through their sense of smell. Indeed, cancer, like diabetes, has a particular undetectable odor for us humans. If your dog constantly sniffs a part of your body, consult a doctor.

5. A seizure crisis

Some dogs are specially trained for people with epilepsy for example. Their role is to feel the imminent onset of a seizure crisis, to warn the master so that he can take cover and help him not to hurt himself. If need be, they are even able to ask for help.

6. Your return home

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All dog owners have already noticed, when you come home from work, your dog is already waiting for you behind the door to the party. And he can feel you coming from far away.

7. An attack of narcolepsy

Narcoleptics do not have an easy life. In fact, they can fall asleep at any time, regardless of whether they are driving, meeting or even on the street. The dogs are there to make their lives easier. As for epileptics, they feel the arrival of the crisis and warn their human to avoid any incident.

8. Hypoglycemia

People with diabetes sometimes need to take insulin doses urgently to avoid a hypoglycemia attack. The dog must warn his master of the arrival of the crisis so that the latter immediately takes his dose.

9. A migraine

Migraines are often very painful when they are not taken care of in time. The dog can then warn his master at least two hours before the arrival of a migraine, allowing him to take preventive medication and mitigate the intensity of the crisis ahead.

10. Death

This is perhaps the most impressive of all. Our faithful companions would be able to feel death come. Indeed, just like diseases, death would have a very special smell that dogs would be able to recognize.

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