How To Successfully Cohabitate The Dog And The Horse?


We all know that Horses are one of the most valuable and mesmerizing creatures on the planet, they’ve been serving humanity for centuries … they were domesticated for more than 5,000 years and have been deeply connected and loyal to humans ever since.

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The horse has become a pet present in many homes. Whether it’s the sport or leisure horse, it requires a lot of attention and work. Thus, many owners go to the stables every day to spend a moment of relaxation. This is a place where we usually find a lot of dogs. Here are a few tips if you want to Cohabitate Dog and Horse.

Which breed of dog to choose?

There is no specific breed for good cohabitation with other animals. For example, the Jack Russel is the favorite breed of top riders, they roam the biggest tracks in the world.

However, if you prefer hiking, opt for a dog that has endurance and can follow you for hours. The Border Collie is a good companion because it has a lot of energy and is very obedient.

The steps to follow at the first meeting

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It is best to meet your two animals at an early age so that they can get to know each other. For the first meeting, place your horse in a closed place that is familiar to him, such as a round of lanyard or a carousel. You can keep your dog on a leash early and let them feel.

If all goes well, then detach them and let them evolve together in the given space. The relationship will be little by little when they get to know each other and trust each other. Be careful, however, that there are no signs of aggression, such as hoof or bites, in which case you will have to separate them.

The rules for a good long-term agreement

It is essential to keep the space of each of your animals. In the case of bad agreement, everyone must be able to find his dedicated space. And even if your dog and your horse get on well, it can lead them to do things together. In this case, it will be necessary to punish them by a short separation.

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The separation of spaces is essential to properly Cohabitate Dog and Horse. For example, it would be embarrassing for your dog that your horse sniffs his dog food. And conversely, your horse does not necessarily want to have your dog in the paws when he needs it.

A dog that needs to be well educated

Whether your horse is in a stable or in a meadow in front of your home, it is essential that your dog is well educated in the recall so you can keep control in all circumstances. Indeed, many owners come with their dogs and some are less socialized than others. Better to keep an eye on them to avoid any fight.

Also, teach your dog not to get too close to the horses to avoid any incident. In addition, limit strolls with large portions of the road, you never know what can happen … In any case, keep your dog at your side without it being found under the feet of horses. He may take a little freedom in the fields but must come back at least whistle.

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