5 Signs That Show That Your Cat Is Unhappy!


Cats, just like us, can be depressed or even depressed. To avoid this, it is important to know how to recognize the warning signs of an uneasiness that can quickly become deeper. If your Cat Is Unhappy, you must know it. Prevention is better than cure!

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Here are some warning signs you should be aware of!

1. He pulls out the hairs

One of the most revealing signs of uneasiness and stress in the cat is the pulling of hair. The cat will then lick a lot and tear the hair with his teeth. If this behavior only lasts a few hours or days, the cat could simply feel disturbed by an unusual event.

However, if he continues to tear the hair after three days, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian to determine the cause of his anguish. Indeed, he could, in the long run, hurt himself.

2. He does not wash anymore

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The cat is a particularly clean animal. He spends a third of his time cleaning his body licking and wiping. Not only does his toilet allow him to remove dust and parasites that might have been invited into his hair, but in addition, he undoes the knots that could have formed. In addition, licking the hair will produce endorphins that will soothe the cat, which explains why he licks more intensely when stressed.

The toilet is such an important activity for a cat that you have to worry if the cat stops doing it.

3. He does not eat anymore

As with all animals, loss of appetite is not a good sign. It can be the expression of a disease, but also of a malaise. If your cat is unhappy, he will not hesitate to sulk his bowl, including his favorite foods.

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Remember that a cat can not fast like a dog. If your cat has eaten nothing in 36 hours, drive it to the vet.

4. He does not want to play anymore

When they are young, all kittens need to play and spend. With age, they become quieter and less “crazy”. But if your cat is a very natural player and suddenly he abandons his play sessions, it may be because he does not feel well.

To try to stimulate him again, do not hesitate to buy him some new toys or a cat tree. You can also opt for more unusual toys, such as puzzle games or the Pipolino, an interactive kelp dispenser.

5. He does not want to cuddle any more

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A cat who, overnight, refuses the hugs of his master does not announce anything good. If on top of that it becomes aggressive when you try to approach it, it’s because something is wrong.

Bad mood? Disease? Depresses? To find out, let a few days pass to make sure his behavior does not improve over time. Are you afraid of cats? Here is how to fix it!

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