Are You Afraid Of Cats? Here’s How To Fix It!

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Also known as Ailurophobia, the phobia of cats is, like that of dogs, a real handicap in our current society. Indeed, more and more small cats are investing our homes, to the chagrin of the Ailurophobia. If you are Afraid Of Cats and can not stand the sight of a cat, litter or even kibble, then this trick is for you!

What is Ailurophobia?

Ailurophobia is above all the uncontrollable anxiety of being confronted with cats, near or far. An Ailurophobic person can feel fear even in front of a cat poster, that is to say! And when she meets a cat in the street, it’s panic: tremors, palpitations and anxiety attacks are on the program.

Garlicophobia may have been transmitted by parents (if your mother was afraid of cats, for example) but it may also be due to trauma, such as a cat attack during childhood. Sometimes, and like many phobias, it is simply irrational.

credits to pixabay

The unstoppable trick to counter his phobia of cats.

Have you tried everything? You forced yourself into cat lounges (and came out traumatized), you had to listen to purring sounds on YouTube, you tried to pet your best friend’s cat … Nothing works, the fear is still there.

First of all, try to understand why you are afraid, which scares you in our feline friends. It may be their unpredictability, their fixed eyes, their solitary temperament, their sharp claws. Once you have identified the problem, document yourself. Read all (or almost) what has been written on the subject to understand who the cats really are. The fear should then be less present.

Finally, comes the ultimate trick, one that works almost every time: adopt a cat. So yes, it may sound a bit crazy but, as they say, sometimes you have to overcome evil with evil. By adopting a cat, or a kitten, you will be forced to face your phobia every day. And by getting to know your hairball, you will also learn to love it.

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